Time to get down: the first sprint!

Research research research!

This week we finally get to know more about our topic, and because it was still a bit vague – or at least that’s how we felt – we needed to conduct a lot of research. It’s a bit different than what we’ve been doing, because we’re sitting at our desks more often than we did the past two weeks. But that makes sense, right? We started the week by spending some time with our coach discussing our team contracts and personal goals. It’s funny and kind of cool that all our goals are skills a team member already possess, so if we ever get stuck well, we have each other.

Some highlights of the week…
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Falling in love with the problem

Now we have designed and presented our team identity, it is time to start making something! This week is all about getting familiar with SCREAM. This is a design method developed by MediaLab itself and contains the best of agile sprints, SCRUM combined with fostered creativity. Also, if we would like we can also scream it out, but that aside. SCREAM basically leans on three stadia: research translating to creation and the other. SCREAM works with different sprints, wherein you will work towards a goal … ? Continue reading “Falling in love with the problem”

Cynergy with a C

Welcome to our blog!

Last week we started with a new adventure: an internship at MediaLab. After a couple of days getting to know each other and emerging ourselves in scavenger hunting, cooking challenges and listening to each others Pecha Kucha presentations… It’s time to get started!

The first task was to create an identity for our team. We talked, discussed, dreamt and came up with a lot of ideas. Looking through this sea of ideas we decided to go with Cynergy: Continue reading “Cynergy with a C”