One key part of our project is getting to know the oft-discussed “one percenters,” since they will be a large part of our target audience.  Not only do we need to know who they are, but we also need to know what challenges they face, so that we can design an appropriate solution. Talking to people directly through interviews is one of the best ways to get this information.  However, it unfortunately isn’t practical to personally talk to every single potential one percenter in Amsterdam.  Therefore, we needed to do something that could more easily reach a greater number of people. Continue reading “MAGNETRON”

Sprint 3

The sprint started off with a visit from two Italian designers who took a look at our project with the goal to help us improve and assist us moving forward. This came kind of unexpected to us which limited our personal time in the sprint.  Personally we didn’t feel like it was that beneficial. Don’t get me wrong, having the professionals come over was nice, but the amount of times we had to explain our stuff that we had already made or were already planning to do felt like we wasted time.  This week was also shortened by the eastern weekend.
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