Sprint 3

The sprint started off with a visit from two Italian designers who took a look at our project with the goal to help us improve and assist us moving forward. This came kind of unexpected to us which limited our personal time in the sprint.  Personally we didn’t feel like it was that beneficial. Don’t get me wrong, having the professionals come over was nice, but the amount of times we had to explain our stuff that we had already made or were already planning to do felt like we wasted time.  This week was also shortened by the eastern weekend.

Drawings made for our presentation to the Italians.

In the next week we had a translate session with another designer. After that we decided that our short sprint should focus on spreading our survey more and start developing our concepts for the final “product”. These concept would be shown at the sprint review in mood boards. This week focused mostly on brainstorming ideas and also had another energy breakfast for us to visit. This breakfast looked back at it’s history as this was the 100th breakfast. It was clear to us that these communities really help and that people like them.

In the final week we made the actual mood boards for our concepts and prepared a presentation for the review. We also had a meeting with Melchior, form the municipality, and we discussed some research on personas and green energy that he shared with us.

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