A Cynergized Conclusion

Well, we’re finally here, at the end of the project. We have finished it with our prototype called “The Ceed”. It’s a tool meant to empower the front runners. With this they can use it as an assisting tool to convince the people around them to switch to green energy. Next to that, it’s a great way to start a discussion on the topic.

The way this tool works is that it will ask you a question related to natural gas and green energy usage. Three people can answer this at the same time and therefore share their thoughts and decisions. It will then be followed by a short animation, different for each question and altered in a positive or negative future view depending on what you answered.

We hope this result can help people to further develop this concept and make a change to Amsterdam and the world.

It was certainly an experience for all of us. Although we might our separate ways after this project, this is certainly something to remember.

This is Team Cynergy, Cigning off.

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