Sprint 4

So, this sprint was the beginning of a run of sunny days, and not just sun, but also temperatures rising up to 25 degrees!

Yes, this made it pretty much impossible to work. 


This here is Jake on the first day of sun, almost 3 days into our first sprint. I’d say we all pretty much looked like Jake, anxiously waiting to go out to the sun. However, like the responsible adults we are, we finished a few tasks to help us move onto the next phase of our project.

Because we needed to settle for a final idea, we decided to quickly design the user experiences for our top favorite, according to our personal preferences and the feedback sheets we gave out at our last sprint review that allowed our partners to rate our concepts.

We then went on to enjoy a full day of sun with the lovely people of MediaLab.

After the few days of the lovely sun, and a wonderful visit from two comedians who gave us a stand up comedy/business workshop, we then went back to focusing on our project and really squeezing our brains for our final idea.
The sprint review this time was cozier than usual. It was just us, our coach, and our partner. We had a lot of discussions about how to make our story and idea more innovative, while still keeping it simple and direct.

Now, off to an exiting phase of making!!

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