Sprint 4

So, this sprint was the beginning of a run of sunny days, and not just sun, but also temperatures rising up to 25 degrees!

Yes, this made it pretty much impossible to work. 


This here is Jake on the first day of sun, almost 3 days into our first sprint. I’d say we all pretty much looked like Jake, anxiously waiting to go out to the sun. However, like the responsible adults we are, we finished a few tasks to help us move onto the next phase of our project. Continue reading “Sprint 4”


Is there such thing as “too well”?

So, last week was our first sprint review, and it’s a little worrisome that it went too well. The presentation went great, partners were impressed, we were happy with the outcome, but then, that’s not always a good thing and here’s why:

  1. Are we going to be able to keep up with the standard we set? (which btw, is too hard to maintain every sprint)
  2. The partners now want to be more involved in the project

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Time to get down: the first sprint!

Research research research!

This week we finally get to know more about our topic, and because it was still a bit vague – or at least that’s how we felt – we needed to conduct a lot of research. It’s a bit different than what we’ve been doing, because we’re sitting at our desks more often than we did the past two weeks. But that makes sense, right? We started the week by spending some time with our coach discussing our team contracts and personal goals. It’s funny and kind of cool that all our goals are skills a team member already possess, so if we ever get stuck well, we have each other.

Some highlights of the week…
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